Rules of engagement (ROE) for PVP

These ROE for PVP are our internal rules that define the circumstances, conditions and manner in which the use of force may be applied.

CMDRs are NEVER authorised to fire on other Pilot Syndicate 4  or alliance members. 

Note: During times of conflict with another player faction these ROE will change.

PVP engagement (Open play ONLY)
Authorisation is granted to engage another pilot:
  • in Shinrarta Dezhra (updated 13/5/3306)
  • who is an opposing force in powerplay
  • who has a bounty on them.
  • who enters protected space.
  • who refuses to hand over a percentage of their cargo (see pirating below).

Self-defence (Open or private group)
Authorisation is granted to engage another pilot if you are acting in self-defence as long as you capture the video of them engaging you first. This video must then be uploaded to the Facebook group.

Pirating (Open play ONLY)
  • You may interdict a pilot if you intent to plunder his ship.
  • You must scan the pilots' ship for cargo BEFORE you make demands.
  • You may not demand more cargo than you can scoop and carry on your ship.
  • You may not demand more than 80% of the players' cargo.
  • You may NOT fire upon the pilot if he/she has handed over his/her cargo unless in self-defence.
  • Any pilot you interdict who has no cargo must be allowed to continue on his/her travels unharmed.