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02 December 2020

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  • Lakon Spaceways Rejects Core Dynamics Bid
    A proposal by the Federal corporation Core Dynamics to purchase the construction company Lakon Spaceways has been officially rejected.
    Naomi Landseer, chairperson of Lakon's board of directors, made this statement:
    "We thank Mr...
  • Bounty Voucher Boost to Increase Local Security
    *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Bounty hunters are advised that credit rewards for successfully destroyed targets have been increased.
    With the widespread redirection of resources toward faction and superpower militaries, local security...
  • The Shadow of War
    NMLA terrorist attacks and the Marlinist refugee crisis have driven an increase in military spending from both the Empire and the Federation.
    The Federal Times has reported on President Zachary Hudson's actions:
    "Building on the public...
  • Empire and Federation Increase Capital Ship Production
    *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Federal and Imperial Navies have both requested commodities for the construction of new capital ships.
    President Zachary Hudson has convinced Congress to increase funding for the Federal Navy, and to...
  • Alliance Consolidates Presence in Coalsack Nebula
    *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Alliance has opened new starports in the Coalsack Nebula, and is offering high prices for Thargoid-related commodities.
    Following a successful campaign to establish a foothold in the nebula, the Alliance...
  • Core Dynamics Bids to Purchase Lakon Spaceways
    An official bid for complete ownership of Lakon Spaceways has been made by Core Dynamics, a major shipbuilding corporation in the Federation.
    The announcement caused ripples in the manufacturing sector, particularly as Lakon has been in...
  • Commodity Prices Affected by Market Volatility
    *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Volatile trading markets have caused widespread price changes on several commodities, with a focus on the mining sector.
    Alongside general market instability, unprecedented stock levels for a range of mined...
  • Superpowers React to Latest NMLA Strike
    Relations between the Empire and the Federation have deteriorated following a terror attack by Neo-Marlinists against a Federal starport.
    Kepler Orbital in the Atropos system was bombed by the NMLA to eliminate several of its captured...
  • Terrorist Bombing at Federal Starport
    *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Multiple explosions have struck Kepler Orbital in the Atropos system, causing huge damage and loss of life.
    Witnesses have observed signs of corrosion damage to the starport. This is characteristic of an...
  • Terrorists Identified Among Marlinist Refugees
    A screening process for Marlinist asylum-seekers arriving in the Federation has located several members of the NMLA terrorist group.
    Vice President Brad Mitchell personally initiated a Federal Security Service operation to uncover any...

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