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18 June 2019

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  • Week in Review
    Here are this week's main stories.
    President Gibson Kincaid has been removed from office and arrested following a majority impeachment vote. A number of corporate and political figures supporting Kincaid's plan to assume executive control of...
  • Imperial Slaves Freed by Activists
    A company that purchased 4,000 Imperial slaves has revealed itself as a slavery emancipation group.
    Using the name Tilbery Construction, the group claimed that the slave workforce would be used to build a water treatment facility for Port...
  • Sagittarius Eye Appeal Concludes
    A request for construction materials made by Sagittarius Eye has ended.
    The appeal has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community, resulting in an influx of deliveries to McMullen Ring, the organisation's base of operations. As...
  • Evangeline's Elite Expeditionary Force Appeal
    Evangeline's Elite Expeditionary Force has revealed plans to build a megaship in the Shana Bei system.
    Archangel Evangeline, commander of the faction, made the following announcement:
    "The successful construction of the megaship EFS...
  • President Kincaid Impeached
    President Gibson Kincaid has been removed from office after a majority vote in the Alliance Assembly, following charges of treason, murder and corruption. The date of his trial is expected to be confirmed soon.
    Alliance Interpol confirmed...
  • Week in Review
    Here are this week's main stories.
    Admiral Frederick Yamamoto has revealed details of a conspiracy organised by President Gibson Kincaid to assume total control of the Alliance. As part of a plea bargain with prosecutors, Yamamoto confessed...
  • Mass Purchase of Imperial Slaves
    Tilbery Construction, a company based in the Eotienses system, has attracted attention following the purchase of four thousand Imperial slaves.
    Garrett Kline, the company's CEO, explained:
    "Tilbery Construction recently won a contract...
  • President Kincaid's Conspiracy Exposed
    The Alliance Tribune has revealed that Admiral Frederick Yamamoto has committed multiple crimes at the behest of Alliance president Gibson Kincaid.
    In a detailed report, journalist Vanya Driscoll said:
    "As part of a plea bargain to...
  • Sagittarius Eye Appeal
    Sagittarius Eye has announced plans to construct an asteroid station in the Millese system.
    A spokesperson for the faction provided the following statement:
    "We've found a lovely asteroid in Millese that we can hollow out to build our...
  • Week in Review
    Here are this week's main stories.
    Zende Partners has declared victory in the Synuefe EN-H d11-96 system following clashes with Segnen Exchange. CEO Freya Taine confirmed that her company would continue to operate the recently established...

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