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16 October 2019

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  • The Mystery of the Blight
    The cause of mass crop spoilage on key agricultural worlds has been attributed to a new disease affecting plants.
    Dr Genevieve Kane of the Interstellar Association for Agriculture summarised the organisation's findings:
    "The rapid decay...
  • Food Shortages Spark Civil Unrest
    A recent commodity appeal has spurred civil unrest in several systems, with civilians fearing that their respective governments are unable to cope with the widespread crop failures.
    Vox Galactica published a report on developments by...
  • Initiative to Counter Poor Harvests
    Two coordinated trade initiatives have been launched, spearheading efforts to mitigate the impact of low crop yields in key systems.
    The initiatives have been organised by Crimson State Limited in the Diso system and Orerve Universal Limited...
  • Common Symptoms Among Damaged Crops
    The Interstellar Association for Agriculture has identified similarities in the crop failures reported in multiple systems over the past several weeks.
    Dr Genevieve Kane, a spokesperson for the organisation, outlined a pattern of common...
  • Poor Harvests Impact Core Systems
    The impact of low crop yields in key agricultural systems has reached civilian populations, prompting public concerns over food availability.
    Freelance journalist Adalyn Cross published this report on Vox Galactica:
    "The scarcity of...
  • Rockforth Corporation Sales Spike
    Share prices in the Rockforth Corporation have risen following the success of its latest fertiliser.
    With key agricultural systems reporting crop failures over the past few weeks, the mega-corporation has capitalised on farmers' demands for...
  • Rockforth Corporation Reveals New Fertiliser
    A new agricultural fertiliser has been released by the Rockforth Corporation in response to growing concerns over low harvests in several systems.
    Rex Whitlock, the company's marketing director, gave this statement to shareholders:
  • Agricultural Industry Predicts Low Harvest
    The Interstellar Association for Agriculture has announced that below-average crop yields are expected in several key locations.
    Dr Genevieve Kane, writing on behalf of the organisation, published this statement:
    "Recent audits...
  • Week in Review
    Here are this week's main stories.
    The Alliance Festival of Culture has drawn to a close with a celebration of food and drink in the Diso system. Attendees sampled dishes prepared by celebrated chefs, and enjoyed a wide variety of...
  • Alliance Festival of Culture Celebrates Finale
    The Alliance Festival of Culture has entered its final week with a celebration of food and drink on the planet Birmingham in the Diso system.
    Corinne Macintyre, culture correspondent for the Alliance Tribune, reported:
    "City streets...

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