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23 August 2019

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  • Starship Enterprises Launches Mining Campaign
    The Starship Enterprises faction has issued a public request for mined resources.
    SE Mining, a subdivision of Starship Enterprises, requires materials to construct a specialised installation in the LP 339-7 system. The proposed starport will...
  • Food Delivery Initiative Concludes Successfully
    A campaign to deliver food commodities to the Chamas system has been declared a success by its organisers.
    The Fortunes Corsairs efforts to acquire various foods for a glamorous reception were well received. The event, attended by various...
  • Week in Review
    Here are this week's main stories.
    The Alliance Festival of Culture has entered the Olgrea system this week with a celebration of literature. Fans of both modern and classical fiction gathered to discuss their favourite novels and meet...
  • Fiction Fans Gather for Literary Event
    A celebration of literature at H.G. Wells Terminal in the Olgrea system is the focus of the fourth week of the Alliance Festival of Culture.
    Leyton Farris reported on the event for The Alliance Tribune:
    "Devotees of both modern and...
  • Food Delivery Initiative in the Chamas System
    The Fortunes Corsairs faction has organised an initiative to transport food commodities to the Chamas system.
    A fundraising event has been organised as part of efforts to greenlight the construction of a new asteroid base. Many of the...
  • Week in Review
    Here are this week's main stories.
    Expansion of the Witch Head enclave has continued with the installation of seven planetary ports. Focus has turned to supporting the influx of new colonists, now that access to meta-alloys in the region has...
  • The Greatest Gig in the Galaxy
    The Alliance Festival of Culture enters its third week with a massive music festival in the Phekda system drawing thousands of attendees. Organisers are calling the event 'the greatest gig in the galaxy'.
    Corinne Macintyre, cultural...
  • Witch Head Planetary Ports Established
    Humanity's expansion into the Witch Head Nebula has continued with the introduction of seven planetary ports.
    Six ports now occupy systems surrounding the existing enclave. The Alliance, Federation and Empire have each established two ports,...
  • Further Migration to Witch Head Nebula
    The human enclave in the Witch Head Nebula has attracted thousands of migrants looking for a fresh start.
    One of those heading to the area is Chloe Sedesi, a former apprentice of Professor Ishmael Palin. She gave an interview to Leon...
  • Week in Review
    Here are this week's main stories.
    Thargoid forces in the Witch Head Nebula have been defeated. A call to arms from Aegis Research received a considerable response from independent pilots, leading to a victory for humanity. The official...

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