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21 April 2019

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  • Pilots' Federation Establishes Regulated Zone
    The Pilots' Federation has revealed plans to establish a restricted area of space for newly licensed Commanders.
    In a statement, spokesperson Gabriel Sanchos gave the following details:
    "Following discussions with the three...
  • Taja Gavaris Resigns as Rackham CFO
    Taja Gavaris, the CFO of Rackham Capital Investments, has unexpectedly resigned from her position and subsequently emigrated from Federal space.
    Several other employees who were loyal to Gavaris resigned alongside her. All chose to waive...
  • Hadrian Duval Confirms Pact
    Hadrian Augustus Duval has provided a statement regarding his recent communications with Princess Aisling Duval.
    The following announcement was broadcast on all Imperial media channels:
    "After much discussion, Princess Aisling and I...
  • Vodel Purchased by Core Dynamics
    Vodel is a familiar name to many, the independent company having cornered the market in personal land vehicles in recent years. But according to The Federal Times, a downturn in profits has led to the company being purchased by Core Dynamics, a...
  • Thargoids Wreak Havoc in Core Systems
    It has now been more than two months since the Thargoids began a concentrated assault on the core systems, and in that time they have attacked dozens of starports, resulting in thousands of casualties.
    As authorities in the affected systems...
  • Aegis Forms Partnership with Ram Tah
    Aegis has entered into a partnership with the engineer Ram Tah to manufacture Guardian-related technology.
    Senior Engineer Lilith Galloway made the following statement on behalf of Aegis:
    "We believe that Ram Tah's accomplishments,...
  • Week in Review
    Here are this week's main stories.
    The Children of Tothos cult has been forcibly disbanded following its attempt to destroy Archambault Terminal with a nuclear weapon. Federal Intelligence Agency agent Rochelle Karim was praised for...
  • The Princess and the Imperator
    News of a meeting between Princess Aisling Duval and Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval has caused controversy throughout the Empire.
    Political journalist Cassia Carvalho reviewed the situation:
    "Princess Aisling is surely aware that...
  • Rackham Investigation Ruled Out
    The Federal Intelligence Agency has denied that it is conducting a criminal investigation of Rackham Capital Investments.
    A spokesperson for the FIA gave the following statement:
    "Contrary to recent statements by the journalist Bryanna...
  • Children of Tothos Disbands
    The Children of Tothos cult has been forcibly disbanded following its recent attempt to destroy Archambault Terminal with a nuclear weapon.
    The aftermath of the crisis was described by Ethan Takahashi of the Federal Times:
    "There has...

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