A Quick guide to Pilot Syndicate 4 [SYN4]

Top tips for new pilots


Play the tutorials through

The learnng curve is steep in this game. If you don't play the tutorials through you are going to struggle to understand things and control your ship.

Never fly without rebuy

In other words, hold back from buying that new ship until you have enough money to also replace it if it gets destroyed! It can be very tempting to upgrade as soon as you have the cash, but remember that the ship will need new modules fitted and engineered to be competative. And that takes cash.

Set up the screen centre dot

All ships feel very different in Elite Dangerous. It can be deceiving when trying to work out where the centre of the ship is heading. Enabling the screen centre dot will help. Options->Controls->Miscellaneous->Show Screen-Centre Dot ON

It's a cut throat galaxy out there.

To fully experience the game you should play in open. However, other players are out there and although some are very helpful, others may ignore you or worse, attack you in order to pirate your cargo, hold you to ransome or just for the kicks! To start out we suggest you play in a PVE environment like Main-PVE-Group Download the PDF instructions of how to join Main-PVE-Group from: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4RRSPXM7Ru3bTFLenlPV1Exa28/view?usp=sharing&fbclid=IwAR3KDE-UqVe3n9tFJli__pq741W1PuMXKF-8f9Nf4R-nTLZuwdy1qjYIzBc

Alternative flight controls

If you are using the DS4, remember there is an alternative control method by pressing L3. Handy for landing on pads or manoeuvring through the station openings.

There is no rush as there is no "end game"

Take your time and enjoy the game. There is no deninite end game. You dont need the biggest ships right away. Even when you have them, you will find yourself going back to smaller ships for certsain tasks.

Don't get ground down

If it all feels like a grind to you, change what you are doing. There are so many activities in ELite Dangerous. Bounty hunting, Pirating, Mining, Exploring, Running missions, Fighting for various factions, superpowers or leaders, Hunting down aliens, Exploring planet surfaces etc etc

It's lonely in space

Working together on a common goal gives you a sense of purpose. Winging up with others will change the game dynamics.

Don't be a "clogger"

A clogger is a "combat logger". Logging out while in combat to save your ship from being destroyed is bad form. FDev consider it "an undesirable exploit" and may take action against offenders. How can you avoid being a clogger? Please see point 04 above, also learn "fight or flight" if playing in open.


Flying with a HOTAS controller is way more intuitive than the DS4. Not all HOTAS controllers work with a PS4 so I recommend the Thrustmaster HOTAS 4. http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/tflight-hotas-4